In-Store Activations

Our campaigns are designed to give consumers a full sensory experience of our clients’ products at the point of purchase. By letting them hold the product, taste it, touch it, smell it, we help create an emotive link between the brand and the consumer, keeping the product top-of-mind long after the campaign has ended. These sales promotions are an in-expensive way of achieving measurable and instant results. We have a set of unique promotional tools that:

– Reduce promotional costs
– Help you achieve above average sales
– Identify the techniques required to achieve set campaign objectives
– Share promotional exposure through the unique RAMBUS model.

We combine this with a highly professional team of promoters who act as ambassadors of your brand or product. This combination of services has made us a favoured supplier to a number of clients.


Promotional Staffing Solutions

Right Angle Marketing is a preferred supplier at a number of exhibitions where we offer marketing support to organisers and staffing solutions to exhibitors. The value we add typically results in substantial product sales. Cycle Tour Expo, Women’s Show, and Natural & Organics Expo are just a few of the prominent exhibitions where we have enjoyed huge success.


Strategic Marketing Consulting

Right Angle Marketing offers years of experience, strategic insight and expertise to clients who need help with conceptualising and quantifying their marketing and promotions objectives.